The Week in Numbers: Teslas, Crocs and NFTs

From Tesla in trouble, to a slice of digital history, this is the Week in Numbers.

580,000 is how many Tesla vehicles faced a probe by U.S. auto-safety watchdogs. Regulators say lives were in danger because people could play video games on the cars' screens, potentially distracting drivers. A day later Tesla said it would disable the "Passenger Play" mode while its cars are moving.

$16.4 billion is the windfall for investors in Tencent. That as the Chinese social media firm distributes most of its stake in e-commerce giant to shareholders. Tencent says it's just good timing, but some saw links to China's crackdown on big tech.

$2.5 billion is the price for some casual shoes. That's what Crocs is paying to take over rival brand Heydude. Crocs shares tumbled on the news, with some investors saying it looks like a big deal for the clog-maker to handle.

$941.5 billion is the size of Japan's budget. That's a record sum for the tenth straight year. For now, reviving a battered economy takes priority over balancing the books.

And $121,000 is the price for a little bit of digital history. That was the winning bid for the first ever text message, which was sold at auction in Paris this week as an NFT. Sent back in December 1992 by Vodafone, it said simply, "Merry Christmas".

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