Weekend forecast: Another winter storm is on the way. How much snow could it bring?

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Fresh off a huge snowstorm that dumped upwards of 9.9 inches of snow in Lexington last Thursday, another wintry storm could be heading to the area this weekend.

The National Weather Service described the system moving in as a potentially “significant snow storm” that could linger in the area the entire weekend. Brian Schoettmer, a meteorologist with NWS, said confidence in the storm’s appearance has grown in the last couple of days, but how impactful the storm will be has not yet been determined.

“We’re at least going to get some snowfall, but there’s potential for a pretty big snowfall that’s still on the table,” Schoettmer said.

Schoettmer said the storm will be made up of a couple of systems, one of which is currently over the Pacific Ocean, making it difficult to track on the models. The systems should start to join together on Friday, making it easier for meteorologists to forecast what exactly is coming and where it will hit the hardest.

“The storm system that’s coming together to create this, it’s coming in a couple of pieces and those are still pretty far apart,” Schoettmer said. “... There’s still a wide range of possible scenarios here but overall, I think we’re going to see something.”

As a result of the storm, Schoettmer said there will be a traffic impact, but again, where precisely and how much of an impact won’t be determined until at least Friday. Schoettmer encouraged people to pay attention to the forecast to get a sense of what exactly is coming.

NWS didn’t give a prediction for the snow accumulation, but AccuWeather gave it a 64% chance that Lexington gets somewhere between two-to-eight inches of snow.

WKYT meteorologist Jim Caldwell shared a similar message as NWS, that the storm has a lot of potential but there are also a lot of unknowns at this point. However, Caldwell did say that someone in the area will get hit by a decent amount of snow and this storm has a chance to bring sleet and freezing rain.

Parts of the midwest have already been issued winter storm warnings, winter storm watches and winter weather advisories, according to the Weather Channel, which dubbed the system, “Winter Storm Izzy.” The Weather Channel also said Izzy is likely to produce major travel headaches.

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