Weekend shooting leaves one dead in Choccolocco

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Aug. 30—A domestic dispute turned deadly during the weekend in Choccolocco when a man threatened a group of people outside of his mobile home and a member of the group opened fire, according to officials.

Calhoun County Sheriff's Office responded to a call at a mobile home near the 3000 block of Choccolocco Road Sunday approximately 9:30 p.m., where Mark Alexander Jones, 28, of Choccolocco, was pronounced deceased at the scene.

Jones, his wife, and her boyfriend all lived at the residence, according to Calhoun County Sheriff Matthew Wade.

"Whatever their relationships were, it's not crystal clear. But apparently the husband, wife, and this man all lived together. And at some point they were all in some type of relationship," Wade said.

Jones and his wife were out of the residence when the boyfriend had his brother, grandfather, and a friend of his grandfather come to the residence to collect some of the boyfriend's belongings.

When Jones returned to the mobile home, he got angry that one of the men helping the boyfriend move had a pistol on his side, but was not brandishing or threatening anyone with the firearm, according to Wade.

Then, Wade said, referring to Jones, "He comes out of the door with a single barrel shotgun and comes out threatening the people, and the guy that had the pistol shot the husband three times, killing him."

No arrests were made at the scene. However, the case has been presented to a grand jury to determine if there is enough probable cause to charge the man who did the shooting.

"Right now, it looks like it's possibly self-defense," Wade said.

"While I believe in the Second Amendment, strongly, a gun is not always the answer to everybody's problem, and it should be a last resort," Wade continued.

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