Weekend snow threat for B.C.'s South Coast as freezing levels sink

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Weekend snow threat for B.C.'s South Coast as freezing levels sink
Weekend snow threat for B.C.'s South Coast as freezing levels sink

After the recent prolonged bouts of stormy weather in B.C., it’s noteworthy Tuesday is the third consecutive dry day for the Lower Mainland and Metro Vancouver. While there may be a chance of rain Tuesday overnight for the Lower Mainland, the rest of the week will be mostly dry, as well. However, things will drastically change on the weekend. Freezing levels will be taking a nosedive this week, possibly dropping to near sea level -- 300 metres by Sunday. This could bring a decent amount of snow to the South Coast Sunday, but because we're several days out still, confidence is still low in the exact track and any snowfall totals. For a closer look, read below.


  • Fairly quiet pattern this week in B.C.

  • Freezing levels plummet, will be near sea level by Sunday

  • Possibility of significant snowfall for South Coast on Sunday


Well, it means the coast is protected by a ridge of high pressure, leading to a drying out of an active onshore flow. Precipitation has dropped week-to-week significantly. Last week there was 50-100 mm for the South Coast, but this week, nearly no rainfall.

“We have cold air plunging south from the Bering Sea. The response in the atmosphere is to drive a subtropical flow to the north, but what does this mean for the South Coast of B.C.? Asks Weather Network meteorologist Tyler Hamilton.


There was a chance of high-elevation snow Thursday, courtesy of a weak low-pressure system developing southwest of Tofino, but at this time, it looks to remain too far south to have any high-elevation snow impacts .

Freezing levels will be plummeting through the week, hitting 700 metres by Saturday and 300 metres, close to sea level, on Sunday. This will set the stage for possible significant snowfall for the South Coast for Sunday.


On Saturday night, the frontal system will push onto the inland sections of the northern coast, bringing the potential snow to the region, possibly mixed with rain.

By Sunday morning, the snow will creep its way down into Vancouver Island and the Lower Mainland. At this time, there is low confidence in the totals expected.


However, because it is several days out, there is still uncertainty regarding the exact storm track and impacts.

"This is still a long way out, so it is too early to have confidence in the exact storm track and impacts, but temperatures could be cold enough for wet snow all the way to sea level and significant accumulations in more densely populated areas. Snow is also expected across the Interior," says Weather Network meteorologist Dr. Doug Gillham.

Check back as we continue to monitor the forecast.