Weekend without emergency shutdowns, only stabilisation ones planned on Monday

Scheduled power shutdowns are going to be in effect on Monday, 21 November, from 00:00 to 24:00, in all regions of Ukraine.

Source: National power company Ukrenergo; Servii Kovalenko, CEO of D.Solutions (YASNO), subholding of DTEK Group, on Facebook

Details: As the company has stated, it has been able to somewhat soften the limits of power consumption during the weekend, despite a cold snap. Additional emergency shutdowns are not predicted for Monday, 21 November.

In addition to that, Serhii Kovalenko has pointed out that they have managed to go through Saturday and Sunday within the framework of scheduled power shutdowns.

"Minimum limits are in effect - 166 MW yesterday and 184 MW today; that is, shutdowns were conducted once or twice instead of four times. And this is good. But consumption is always lower during the weekend. And as of now, it does not mean that there are going to be fewer shutdowns," he posted.

According to Kovalenko, the future situation depends on whether or not there will be other attacks, how destructive they will be, and whether or not capacity of power lines will be enough.

"If a line is damaged or destroyed after an attack, we will have to activate not only scheduled power shutdowns, but also emergency ones when there can be no electricity for a very long time.

We are not talking about a full disconnection of the system or a 10-day blackout in Kyiv starting this Monday now," he reassured.

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