Weekly Breaks - Ep. 17 - NFL 2021 Prizm Football - We got Jacksonville Jaguar Rookies! T-Law?

Welcome to Episode 17 of our weekly breaks - This week we're breaking Prizm Football 2021 - The hobby boxes for these are insanely high. Like buying a $1,800 lotto ticket. Hitting a big rookie like a Mac Jones 1/1 which recently changed hands twice. (was pulled by a 13 year old kid, who sold it for $100,000 and subsequently about a week or 2 later was sold for $175K+ "siting 1 source"). But with every windfall comes the duds. There are no numbered cards in the hangers but there are some nice colour matches. In our case, we did hit Jaguar rookies!....T law perhaps, you'll have to watch and see. Hope you enjoy this!