This Week's Toy News Is Full of Witches, Rebels, and Heroes

Image:  Hot Toys, Bandai, and Hasbro
Image: Hot Toys, Bandai, and Hasbro

Welcome back to Toy Aisle, io9's regular round up of the coolest merchandise on the internet lately. This week, Gundam’s latest protagonist gets her own figure, Hasbro lifts the lid on a whole host of Star Wars toys, and Groot gets hairy. Leafy? Check it out!

Image:  Bandai
Image: Bandai

S.H. Figuarts Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch From Mercury Suletta Mercury

Gundam’s latest protagonist, and its first female leading character, is now also the first hero in the mecha franchise to get a Figuarts toy since G Gundam’s Domon and Master Asia did 15 years ago. Suletta comes with alternate hands and faces for various poses, as well as a few accessories, including her phone, and two differently scaled sets of miniatures of herself in both her school and pilot uniforms, to be posed with the Robot Spirits and Chogokin versions of her Gundam, the Aerial. Suletta will cost around $75, and is due for U.S. release in June 2023. [BBTS]

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Image:  Hasbro
Image: Hasbro

Hasbro Star Wars The Black Series Reveals

Hasbro has released a flurry of news for its 6" Star Wars line this week, giving us reveals of figures from Andor, the world of Star Wars gaming and the Expanded Universe, and a very fishy classic figure. For its Comics and Gaming Greats sub-lines, the company revealed that Marvel’s Doctor Aphra, Expanded Universe legend Mara Jade (circa Dark Forces Rising), and Knights of the Old Republic’s Bastila Shan and Darth Malak will all receive new figures next summer. Joining them will be Andor’s rebellious Vel Sartha, clad in the mission gear she wore on the planet Aldhani and including her AK-47-looking blaster rifle.

But a bit sooner—this December, in fact—Hasbro has dropped a Return of the Jedi 40th Anniversary special release exclusive to its Pulse webstore. The figure, Admiral Ackbar, is painted in the classic styles of his original Kenner toy, with flat skintones and bright yellow eyes, and is packaged on retro-inspired card backing. If that wasn’t enough, as well as a blaster pistol he also comes with a baton inspired by that classic figure, which... well, Ackbar never had in the movies. Nostalgia!

Image:  Hot Toys
Image: Hot Toys

Hot Toys I Am Groot Groot

Hot Toys is back at it with another Groot, this time making up for its diminutive size with a ton of accessories based on the I Am Groot animated shorts. The figure comes with several pairs of alternate hands, and swappable face sculpts for a variety of emotions, as well as drawing of the Guardians of the Galaxy, two small cucumber slices to attach to his relaxing face, and then two sets of “leafy” accessories: alternate “hair,” arms, and attachable pieces to make him look like a leaf-covered take on either a poodle or a macho-man-style Hercules. Groot is set to release near the end of 2023, and will cost around $215. [Hot Toys]

Image:  Beast Kingdom
Image: Beast Kingdom

Beast Kingdom DAH Black Adam

The hierarchy of power in the DC action figure universe can now change with Black Adam’s very own 1:9 scale figure. Complete with a wired hooded cape and three sets of alternate hands, the DAH Black Adam also features built in LEDs to light up the lightning bolt emblem on his chest. No price has been revealed yet, but he’ll release at the end of 2023. [Toyark]

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