'Weird Al' Yankovic addresses whether he really had a romance with Madonna

After a trailer for Roku's new biopic "Weird: The Al Yankovic Story" showed "Weird Al" Yankovic locking lips with Madonna, fans are wondering if the parody singer and the Material Girl ever really hooked up.

In the hilarious trailer, Yankovic, played by "Harry Potter" alum Daniel Radcliffe, answers the doorbell at his mansion to find a very '80s-looking Madonna, played by Evan Rachel Wood, waiting for him outside.

Seconds later, the two hitmakers slam up against the wall in a passionate embrace.

Now, the real Yankovic, 63, is spilling the tea on whether the hot make-out session really happened.

During a visit to "The Tonight Show" on Nov. 1, Yankovic, who parodied Madonna's song "Like A Virgin" with his 1985 single "Like A Surgeon," revealed that he and the "Vogue" singer actually barely know each other.

"Well, there are a few little nuggets of truth sprinkled throughout the biopic," Yankovic told host Jimmy Fallon. But that steamy scene wasn't one of them.

“Our relationship is platonic,” Yankovic said. “The only time I actually met her was in 1985. I talked to her for maybe like 45 seconds backstage. So that’s the extent of the relationship.”

Despite that, Yankovic confirmed, laughing, that Madonna is “a huge part of the movie.”

The biopic tells the story of Yankovic’s life with plenty of over-the-top fantasy elements. However, the movie does address one real-life topic accurately: Historically, when Yankovic has done a parody of another artist’s song, that artist’s sale go up, a phenomenon industry insiders call “The Yankovic Bump.”

Weird Al  Yankovic  -  Like A Surgeon - Vintage vinyl album cover (Alamy Stock Photo)
Weird Al Yankovic - Like A Surgeon - Vintage vinyl album cover (Alamy Stock Photo)

In the movie, Madonna desperately pursues Yankovic for just that reason.

"Madonna sort of becomes the 'villain' in the movie," Yankovic explained. "She does everything she can to calculatedly get me to do a parody of her new single so she can get that Yankovic Bump."

Shortly after the movie's trailer came out, Yankovic addressed the chatter about his relationship with Madonna in a tweet.

Next to a screenshot from Google showing how popular searches for "Weird Al and Madonna" had become, he wrote, "It amuses me to no end that that this is currently the #3 Google search under my name."

“Weird: The Al Yankovic Story” premieres Nov. 4 on Roku.

CORRECTION (Nov. 14, 2022, 6:27 p.m.): An earlier version of this article misstated the year “Like a Surgeon” was released as a single. It was released as a single in 1985, not 1986.

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