Well-known Visalia recycling plant facing $1.7 million in fines

BC Recycling is caught up in accusations that it fabricated weight tickets on 'out of state' plastic shipments.

Video Transcript

- BC Recycling recycles up to 65,000 pounds of plastic and aluminum every week. The facility on East Houston Avenue has served Visalia and the surrounding areas for more than two decades, but it could all come to an end if owners don't resolve an issue they're having with the state soon.

ADOLFO RAMIREZ: We find ourselves today with a pretty big problem on our hands.

- Cal Recycle, the state agency that regulates recycling, is investigating BC for program violations, which have amounted to $1.7 million in fines. According to Cal Recycle, the Visalia processing plant was unable to provide the necessary documents required by law when it comes to certain plastic beverage and food containers. But owners of BC say, those claims have nothing to do with them and blaming now out of business recycling partner for the discrepancies. State assembly member Devon Mathis is lending his support to the family owned business.

DEVON MATHIS: They're trying to punish him for somebody that he had worked with that he believed was a good actor, and he's out here trying to provide this good here in the San Joaquin Valley, taking things that can be recycled. So they're not going to landfills.

- Mathis hopes by speaking Friday, it'll draw Cal Recycles attention and arrange a meeting before a scheduled administrative hearing this fall. Owners of BC are concerned the issue will not be resolved, and the nearly $2 million in fines will force them to shut down.

- We want to continue working, serving the community, and you know, we want to resolve this in the best way as possible. So we can continue in the pursuit of my dad, you know? He founded this from nothing, so we want to fight as hard as we can for it.

- Assembly member Mathis says, BC Recycling should not be punished, because BC Recycling has provided the state with all the proper paperwork. Jason Olivera, ABC 30, Action News.