This Well-Reviewed Portable Backup Generator Is $150 Off Right Now

The EcoFlow Delta portable power station can keep your devices powered while camping or during emergencies.
The EcoFlow Delta portable power station can keep your devices powered while camping or during emergencies.

The EcoFlow Delta portable power station can keep your devices powered while camping or during emergencies.

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Having a backup power source in case of emergencies, during a camping trip or for just keeping all your essential devices powered can be an absolute lifesaver. If you don’t already have such a tool on deck, this reviewer-approved portable power station by EcoFlow is an option that you’ll probably be very happy with, especially since it’s on sale for $150 off right now at Walmart.

It’s no secret that we’re big fans of the Jackery Explorer 500, a popular 500-watt power station that we believe is a camper’s best friend. That being said, it doesn’t have the power to match this EcoFlow Delta 1000. For instance, this 1008-watt station can actually keep a regular fridge running, which some reviewers say saved all of their perishable food during a power outage.

This particular model features nine different outlets and is compatible with a wide range of devices from power tools, drones, blenders, laptops and even CPAP machines. And in terms of fast charging, this station manages to reach 80% power in less than one hour of being plugged in. But if you don’t have an electric outlet handy, the EcoFlow can also be used as a solar generator with separate solar panels, or charged with the included car adaptor.

Many people who purchased the EcoFlow say they’re grateful that they made the investment for a variety of reasons, and if you’re concerned about the potential of a dangerous weather event, then you probably will be, too. Keep reading to see some promising reviews or grab yourself a power station now, because this flash sale won’t last long.

Promising Walmart reviews:

“We have three EcoFlow Delta portable power stations to run things when our house loses power, often during or after hurricanes. It runs our electric grill for two short grilling sessions. It once ran my electric cooler to keep my meds cool overnight. It powers up all our electronics during outages. Once we ran our fridge off of it, but it couldn’t last the whole night. It still kept things going long enough that we didn’t lose food. We have solar panels to recharge our DELTAs during longer outages. I wish EcoFlow also had an even more powerful household charger that could run a 5000 BTU AC window unit for emergency cooling needs. I am very glad we have our EcoFlow Deltas.” — Nini

“A recent storm resulted in a power outage that lasted several days. My Delta power station saved my refrigerated food. And when my power was restored, I recharged my Delta with the super fast XStream so I could take it to a friend who was able to run her refrigerator for 10 hours, saving her foods as well. I love my Delta so much that I bought a 2nd one.” — KarEliza

“Love this lil guy. Keeps a monitor running and my computer charged while I digital tech for photographers. Won’t last a whole day running everything, but it only takes about and hour to get back up to 80%, so I charge it during the lunch period and am good to go. Light weight, full of ports and outlets, I’m exceedingly happy. Thank you!” — Digi Guy