Wendy’s Will Replace Your Fries If They’re Not “Hot & Crispy When You Receive Them”

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Update, October 20, 2021: Wendy's really wants to make sure customers are checking out their new Hot & Crispy Fries. The formula's batter and cooking process allows them to stay, yep, hot and crispy for 30 minutes after you get them, as there's nothing worse than arriving home and finding your fries have gone soggy.

To show they are taking that promise very seriously, the chain is now offering a Hot & Crispy Fries Guarantee. If you order the famous fries, and they don't come to you as they should—piping hot and super crispy—you can bring them back, and they will be replaced. So, if you're someone who takes your fast food fries seriously, Wendy's is right there with you.

Original Post, September 30, 2021: I think we can all agree that the best part of any fast food meal is the fries on the side. Everyone has their favorite, and Wendy's has recently revamped their spuds to be crispier than ever. Better yet, you can earn freebies for simply buying the fries in October.

Wendy's fans who purchase a medium order of Hot & Crispy Fries in the app will be given the chance to claim free food on different Fridays (get it? "fry days"?!) throughout the month. These free offers are unlocked via the Wendy's app, so be sure you're signed up for that.

Every Friday from October 1 to October 29, you'll get to claim items like a Dave's Single, 10-piece crispy or spicy nuggets, Junior Bacon Cheeseburger, or a classic chicken sandwich. You'll need to purchase the fries first, but ultimately you'll get an entire meal for the price of only the fries if you play your cards right.

So, how exactly are the fries different? In a recent press event, Wendy's explained the detailed process of creating their new formula. Hot & Crispy Fries live up to their name: one side is built for heat retention, the other for crispiness. So when you pull out of the drive-thru or order Wendy's for delivery, you can have peace of mind your fries will be just as hot and crispy as they are when pulled from the fryer. I for one loved Wendy's fries to begin with, so I'm sure these new versions are a cut above the rest.

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