Wendy Moten Opens Up On Recovery After Shocking Fall On 'The Voice': 'I've Never Been More Broken'

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The Voice contestant Wendy Moten is speaking about her recovery following her fall on last season of the show.

“I’ve never been broken before” Moten said to People magazine, “And so, it’s a new experience, but I remind myself that there are people dealing with far more serious things. I’ll be OK. I’ll just keep working at it.”

Moten tripped over a floor monitor following her performance of The Four Tops' song, “Sugar Pie Honey Bunch,” on 'The Voice.'

She sustained many injuries, including a broken right elbow and a fractured left wrist.

“They put a titanium piece in my elbow to keep my arm together,” Moten continued. “Right now, my elbow is still crooked, and my fingers are crooked, but with the occupational therapy and the physical therapy I’m currently undergoing, I’m hoping everything gets back to normal soon.”

In the interview, Moten revealed she couldn’t use both her arms

Despite the setback, Moten eventually completed her stint on The Voice as the official runner-up. With her success on the NBC music competition series, it’s clear that Moten is not letting setbacks detain her.

“I do the work,” Moten said. “I do the work to maintain a certain level both personally and professionally. I’m expecting these things to keep coming because I enjoy what I do, and I don’t mind working hard.”

Moten revealed that while her Memphis upbringing exposed her to many great singers during her childhood, she did recognize her singing abilities until her forties.

“I’m child number five out of six,” Moten revealed in the chat. “As a kid in Memphis, everybody was a great singer. It didn’t even matter nationality or race or anything like that. Everybody was great. All my friends were great singers and because of that, I never really thought I had anything to offer because I felt like they were all so great. I really didn’t figure out that I really had something until I was in my forties.”