Wendy Williams says new Kevin Hart Netflix doc is 'the worst idea'

If you’re looking for someone to watch Netflix’s new docuseries on Kevin Hart with, don’t ask Wendy Williams.

The talk-show host weighed in on a trailer that was released for the documentary, Don’t F**k This Up, which chronicles the behind-the-scenes life of the comedian.

Hart uses the six-part series to address some of the controversies he’s been caught up in since his career took off, including his infidelity and his short-lived stint as the host of the 2019 Academy Awards—a position he stepped down from after video surfaced of him making allegedly homophobic comments.

Williams told viewers she thinks Hart should have left his controversies in the past, saying, “For me, I almost forget about all the crap Kevin Hart has done.” She added, “But he’s bringing it up himself, so you forget about his homophobia and you forget about him cheating on his pregnant wife.”

“To me, this is the worst idea, for him to be rehashing all this. You’re in so many family movies right now. You’ve got Jumanji going on, you beat death careening off a cliff,” noted Williams.