Wendy Williams takes control of her narrative

After a rocky few years including a divorce, addiction and illness, talk show host Wendy Willliams is the subject of a 'juicy' new authorized documentary and biopic for Lifetime. (Jan. 29)

Video Transcript

WENDY WILLIAMS: This has been a year from hell. My story is my story, but it's even more dramatic when it was acted out for two hours. And two hours might not have been enough. But we did the best we could.

And then the documentary-- the one thing that I said about the documentary is please don't let people sugar coat it, sugar coat their responses, and their revelations regarding who Wendy is, who she was, and what they saw, or what they didn't see. I want their truth in the documentary. And then Lifetime, they were the ones who came to me and said, the documentary is now going to be two hours because we have too much juicy stuff for it to only be one hour.

- If you ever cheat on me again, Kevin, I swear, and I promise you, you will lose me.

WENDY WILLIAMS: I didn't just divorce a man who was my husband, I had to separate him from this thing called "The Wendy Williams Show." He's no longer my manager. When I fired him from being my manager, he was unemployed.

And I don't know what he does now. I don't know. I don't care. I send the alimony check on time. So that's good. My divorce from my ex-husband, the hard part of it, where I was going hard employing PIs and researching what kind of divorce lawyer I would get, was a good 10 years.