‘We were bleeding a lot’: 2 people visiting Charlotte stabbed by stranger in Uptown

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A group of guys who traveled to Charlotte to celebrate a friend’s birthday found themselves stabbed in uptown.

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The alleged attack and stabbing happened around 2:30 a.m. on Saturday, according to CMPD.

Three people were hurt. Channel 9 spoke to one of the victims on Wednesday.

The victim didn’t want to be identified but said he and a group of friends drove into Charlotte from Sparta, North Carolina. They were celebrating one of their birthdays and went out Friday night for drinks.

On the way to their hotel after the bar closed, they were attacked, according to the victim.

“We was (sic) bleeding a lot,” he said.

CMPD said it happened on West Trade Street near South Tryon Street.

They turned a corner and were just three blocks away from their hotel when things took a turn for the worse, according to the victim.

“These boys were standing on the corner and they looked at us and said, ‘You white boys ought to know better than to have these boots on our street,’” he said.

The victim said he didn’t know what the group of strangers was referring to, but a fight broke out and someone pulled a knife.

“We was (sic) just trying to defend ourselves, get away, and my buddy -- he just got stabbed. Got stabbed in the back of the head,” he explained.

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The victim sent Channel 9 two photos showing the injuries he and a friend suffered. One of the pictures showed staples closing a wound on the back of his friend’s head and another photograph showed a slash on the victim’s neck.

“They told me I was really lucky because it could have hit my main artery and they said I’d been (sic) dead in a minute,” the victim told Channel 9.

Police arrested Duval Pompey for assault and other charges.

The stabbing victim is thankful for the arrest but doesn’t feel safe coming back.

“We probably won’t go back,” he said.

He’s thankful he and his friends escaped with their lives, but he wants others to be aware.

“If it’s late at night, don’t be out,” he said. “There ain’t (sic) nothing good that comes out past 11 o’clock.”

Channel 9 crime mapped within a half-mile of uptown and found nearly two dozen break-ins and a handful of assault cases in the last week.

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