They were on a boat armed and ready for a gunfight, police said. They’re in jail

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A Key West couple wound up in jail last week after state and wildlife police said they threatened to shoot officers while brandishing guns on their boat.

Aiyana X, 31, and Dakota Robert Dalman, 25, face a number of felony and misdemeanor charges, including four counts each of aggravated assault with intent to commit a felony and two counts each of displaying a firearm during a felony.

On June 24, the two were on their boat, which was near the undeveloped Wisteria Island just off Key West, armed and yelling obscenities at Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission officers, according to arrest reports that FWC released Tuesday.

“They think we’re sitting ducks here,” one shouted, while having a rifle slung over a shoulder and looking through binoculars, according to a witness who was about 35 yards away from them at the time, FWC said. “Well I have something for them!”

“That’s how we were called to the boat,” said Officer Bobby Dube, a spokesman for FWC.

“FWC and the Coast Guard received several 911 calls that these two subjects were watching FWC officers with binoculars as they were displaying rifles,” he said.

No shots were fired, Dube said.

On Tuesday night, X and Dalman were still at the county jail on Stock Island. X’s bonds were set at a total of $565,000. Dalman’s bond was set at $189,000. It wasn’t clear whether they have attorneys.

They’re part of a community living on boats off Key West known as liveaboards.

Some of the case played out on social media. The two captured their arrests June 24 in a video posted on Facebook that same day.

“You all want to f---ing violate our rights?” one asks a FWC officer standing on a patrol boat that is stopped right next to the couple’s 26-foot sailboat “Go ahead. You’re on f----ing live camera right now.”

In the video, three FWC officers appear on the patrol boat. Two are holding rifles. A second boat nearby shows three additional officers.

The video was posted on a Facebook page that says it belongs to Henry Morgan, of Key West.

“Two livaboards [sic] arrested, charged and taken to jail by FWC while on their boat,” reads the caption on the video, which was still up on Tuesday evening.

Both X and Dalman identify as female, Dube said. The most recent jail records online, though, list them as males.

On the video, one refers to the other as “my girlfriend,” during the arrest. Both their Facebook pages indicate that X is in a relationship with Dalman.

During the arrest, both X and Dalman disobeyed officers’ commands, the arrest report stated.

X “was either trying to push [an officer] overboard, strike him or rub his leg to creep him out – all in an effort to get the officer from stopping his actions,” according to the report.

The initial reason for the stop of the sailboat, FWC said in the report, was that there were previous reports of the vessel not displaying a hull identification number.

X has gone by the name Nicholas Thomas Clavie Schute, and her home address listed in the arrest report is in Holland, Michigan.

She later admitted to police that she had a .22 LR rifle loaded with 25 rounds “ready for ‘immediate use’ slung over her shoulder,” and a pistol loaded with 10 rounds but added that neither firearm was chambered because “it wasn’t safe,” FWC said.

X also said she “adamantly opposed FWC from boarding my boat and I refused to obey their commands to disarm or get down on the ground,” FWC reported.

Asked if she and Dalman threatened the officers who responded to their sailboat that day, X said, “No our hands were up,” FWC said.

FWC said they found social media posts they said were threats on their officers.

“Anyone illegally boarding my boat is going to experience a grin and the whole span of my arsenal, one right after another,” X commented on one post, FWC said.

Dalman, when asked about the posts, said, “Somebody posted that if an officer boards our boat, that it would be a wake-up call for them.”

When an FWC officer asked what that “wake-up call” would be, the officer wrote that she stated, “Something bad for the officers... pew pew,” while making a hand gesture of shooting a handgun and smiled at me.”

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