‘We were completely blindsided.’ Idaho mother speaks to Dr. Phil about son’s disappearance

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The case of an Idaho Falls teenager who vanished in 2018 and was found deceased earlier this year in the Snake River was featured Monday on “Dr. Phil.”

Jed Hall, 16, left his parents’ home on Jan. 22, 2018, in a Nissan Versa. He took a 9mm handgun and camping gear with him. Jed left a note indicating he may attempt suicide and his parents, along with police and a private investigator, spent four years looking for the missing teenager.

Adventures With Purpose, a search and recovery dive team, visited Idaho Falls this spring and on May 1 discovered the Versa in the Snake River near the Johns Hole boat ramp. Jed’s body was inside.

Amy Hall, Jed’s mother, spoke with Dr. Phil in her first interview since her son’s body was found.

“We were completely blindsided by Jed’s disappearance. There had been no disagreements,” Hall said. “I got up that morning and noticed that his bedroom door was open and saw he wasn’t in there. Then I noticed a suicide note on his desk. … (I thought) ‘Oh my God. How could this possibly be happening?’ ”

Hall recalled her last interaction with Jed the night before he left when she went into his bedroom to say goodnight.

“I had gone to give him a kiss and he moved so I ended up kissing his nose,” she said. “We were both laughing about that and now I wish I had taken the time to kiss him properly on the cheek and give him a big hug.”

Hall told Dr. Phil that after her son left, she spent 90% of the time “sobbing totally and completely helpless.”

Cameras from the daytime talk show were in Idaho Falls when Adventures with Purpose found Jed’s vehicle as Hall watched from the side of the river.

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