'We're just inspired to do this': Local group leaves winter clothing in Central Park

Jan. 20—JOHNSTOWN, Pa. — On a bitterly cold Saturday afternoon, members of the Johnstown-area chapter of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Relief Society placed scarves, hats, gloves, lap blankets and socks in Central Park for those in need to take and use to hold off the winter chill.

More than 100 items were sealed in bags — with the message "I am not lost! If you're stuck out in the cold, Take me to stay warm!" — and tied to benches.

Based on experiences from past years, the clothing will all likely be taken within a week or so.

"We're just inspired to do this," Sherri Taylor, president of the local Relief Society, said. "We're just happy that people are befitting from it. It inspires us to start earlier and make more."

Most of the items were crocheted by women from the society.

"A lot of our women, we're kind of crafty and we love to come out and just help the community," Taylor said. "We love Johnstown. We love the people."

The goal of the project is to help people living in the economically hard-hit city who might not have enough money to buy the warm items needed to get through the winter.

"We serve our community," Taylor said. "We uplift the community. There's such a need in our area. We kick this service project off now because of the weather."