'Baseball Is Back': Red Sox Fans, Businesses Around Fenway Park Enjoy Season Opener

WBZ-TV's Mike LaCrosse reports.

Video Transcript

- WBZ's Mike LaCrosse is live on Jersey Street. Mike, I know you've been talking to fans down here all day, and whether they're actually going into the game or just enjoying the neighborhood, they are pumped.

MIKE LACROSSE: Lisa, they are really pumped and really happy. That includes us as well. They have not been able to walk through these gates in a while. And for many, Opening Day is a yearly tradition that they really missed last April.

- Free Opening Day [INAUDIBLE] with programs.

MIKE LACROSSE: Sights and sounds--

- We're playing in October!

MIKE LACROSSE: --in and around Fenway we once took for granted are extremely comforting on this Opening Day.

- Sausage, chicken, steak, hot dogs. Step right up.

MIKE LACROSSE: For the first time in a long time, thousands of people filled the streets around the park.

KENNY SIMONS: It's a great feeling just being around people, seeing people happy. You couldn't ask for a better day.

MIKE LACROSSE: Today isn't just about baseball. It's about a return to tradition, a beer, a snack, simple pleasures that COVID-19 put on pause.

- You know, it's a small step towards regular. You know, we need-- we still need everybody to do the right thing, mask up, do what they need to do. But I think it's significant that we see the world is moving at least a little bit towards some stuff like this.

MIKE LACROSSE: The Bleacher Bar under the Green Monster is as busy as it can be under coronavirus protocols. They're hoping business bounces back with fans in the stands.

TAYLOR HEIMEMAN: You got to love it. Baseball's back, and it's great to see fans in the stadium, fans in the bars around the stadium. So it's awesome.

MIKE LACROSSE: Down the street at Fenway Johnnies, opening day for them is in two weeks after their staff is vaccinated. Owner John Caron thinks this season will be a lot busier than the last one.

JOHN CARON: It's been a long year. We're looking forward to having people.

MIKE LACROSSE: And business owners are hoping as the season continues that the capacity limit will increase so they can have more customers and more fans coming down here. Reporting live outside Fenway Park, I'm Mike LaCrosse, WBZ News.