'If I were president': Celebs reveal things they would tackle if in office

As Democrat Joe Biden prepares for his inauguration as the next U.S. president on Jan. 20, Reuters asked celebrities what would be the first thing they would do if they were elected a world leader.

Their responses ranged from a focus on climate change to healthcare and social justice.

Video Transcript

DAVID OYELOWO: Oh, wow. What a great question. One of the first things I would do is to really put climate change at the top of the agenda.

LEANN RIMES: First thing I would tackle? I'm going to go with hunger. I would tackle hunger and, you know, and poverty in this country 'cause it's very sad. It's sad to see. I know a lot of people are struggling right now. And I think that would be my first things that I would head towards.

KEVIN BACON: The first thing that I would do as president is listen to science. And that is a pretty good place to start.

WILL.I.AM: I would get funds from the Department of Agriculture, Department of Energy and the Department of Defense to create workforce development.

JOSH GROBAN: It would be kind of a neck and neck of social justice and saving the planet from itself.

GEORGE CLOONEY: Racial equality, you know, which is a big one. Obviously, it was-- if COVID wasn't-- if COVID wasn't the main story, that would have been our main story of the year, you know, of course. And I think we could look at gun violence as well. There's a few things we could get-- start to get right, right away.

YO-YO MA: I would take every step that's necessary to make sure that all of the people in my country are safe, you know, whatever it takes.

REGINA KING: Woo, not be president. [LAUGHS]

I mean, did you-- the way a president looks after they've served, I mean, like, President Obama, like, aged, like, 30 years in his eight years of presidency, you know? The responsibility is--

JAMIE FOXX: What we would really, really need to do is make sure that we get this pandemic under control and really respect it. And what I would tell people, I say, hey, you know, we talk about God. We talk about Jesus, but I think that Mother Nature is trying to tell us something, that you're not bigger than the universe, and that you have to respect what is going on and what is happening. And so I think that would be the first order of business. And then once we got that thing, you know, handled time to pop that champagne and enjoy life.