We're Really Into the The Jetsons's Space Age Style Right Now

Zoë Sessums

It's 2020, which sounds like we've really reached a new level of time and space. There's just something about the new date that feels so futuristic, even if the same thing happened in 1999 (time stays pretty much on course). Despite us not suddenly having affordable flying cars and space colonization, the decade change got us thinking about some of the original futuristic design ideas, particularly with The Jetsons. The animated sitcom from the '60s (it also had a brief revival in the '80s) was full of elaborate robotic contraptions and whimsical inventions—definitely designs we still covet today. So while we'll have to stick to fantasizing about our space garden and pet aliens, here are a bunch of details from The Jetsons orbit that we love.

Adjustable architecture

The buildings in Orbit City, where the Jetsons lived in the year 2062, were full-on Googie style—think of all the old motels and gas stations in Southern California with upswept roofs and curvaceous geometric shapes, and lots of glass. All the homes and businesses were raised up on adjustable columns, which was greatly inspired by the Space Needle. Think of how cool it would be to raise your house above a rain cloud or patch of smog to get a clear view?

High-tech kitchen gadgets

Perhaps the Instant Pot and refrigerators with screens for tracking contents and cooking recipes are getting close to the dial-a-meal contraptions from the Jetsons, but they still have a more futuristic appeal. After all, with the press of a couple of buttons, Jane Jetson can summon a hearty breakfast for her family from a hulking machine. We do wonder where the food is stored and if there are vegan options...

Mod furnishings

The year 2062 looks strikingly similar to 1962 in terms of decor, but we still love to see the slightly space-age interpretation. From the tulip dining chairs to the curving sculptures and all the brown, purple, and blue accents, it's a midcentury (or should we say future midcentury) modern dream.

Jetson-ize your own home

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Originally Appeared on Architectural Digest