West Dundee road rage incident leaves driver hospitalized: police

Witnesses told police the victim was attacked by at least one person who punched and beat him with fists, then sped away.

Video Transcript

ANTHONY BOURSKI: And we could use a little extra help.

EVELYN HOLMES: This afternoon, authorities are asking for the public's help to find those responsible for seriously beating a man following what appears to be a road rage incident. Investigators say the apparent Thursday morning dispute, which began on an area expressway, ended here around 7:30 at this Casey's general gas station near Strom and Route 31 in the far Northwest suburban area of West Dundee across the street from the police station.

ANTHONY BOURSKI: I'm not sure, exactly, how it ended up in there, if they were looking to just gas up the car or if they pulled over to the side to continue their motorist dispute.

EVELYN HOLMES: Authorities say witnesses tell them the victim was attacked by at least one person who punched and beat him with fists. Nearby Sleepy Hollow resident Josh Thomas didn't witness the violence but is shocked to learn it happened so close to his quiet community.

JOSH THOMAS: I take the highway every day. I do see some intense driving, but I've never seen it escalate to that point where someone's life is threatened. I mean, that's just-- that's horrible.

EVELYN HOLMES: The victim remains hospitalized. Meanwhile, police are asking or encouraging motorists to remember that, while they're on the road, to be mindful and respectful.