West Limestone changes extracurricular activity policy

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Aug. 5—Students who participate in extracurricular activities at West Limestone High School should be aware of changes made to the extracurricular policy for the 2022-23 school year.


Students who participate in extracurriculars must maintain a grade of 60 or better in all classes and can have no more than two classes with a grade below 70.

Coaches, sponsors, counselors, and administrators will hold students accountable to the grade policy and will check grades eight times during the school year. Grade checks will happen twice during each of the four grading periods.

If a student has more than two classes with a grade below 70 or has a class with a grade below 60 at the time of progress reports, the student will be placed on academic probation.

As part of probation, the student will be required to attend study hall sessions.

They will remain on probation until the next report card comes out. If the student has not improved, they will be placed on academic suspension.

While on academic suspension, the student will be allowed to attend practices or meetings but will not be allowed to participate in competitions or performances.

The student will remain on suspension until the next report card comes out. Once the student has a report card with no grades below 60 and two or less below 70, they will be removed from suspension and given full access to extracurriculars.

If a student has a third report card with more than two grades below 70 or one grade below 60, they will face academic expulsion.

Under academic expulsion, the student must attend daily study halls and will be barred from all participation in extracurriculars.


A student must be in attendance for at least one half of classes during the school day to participate in extracurriculars that day.

If a student is chronically absent, they will not be permitted to participate in non-academic activities.

To be chronically absent is defined as missing 18 or more days.

West Limestone High School encourages students to maintain their grades and to watch their attendance.