Here Is When The West Morris Regional BOE Will Meet In 2021

Russ Crespolini

A new year is upon us and now that governing bodies and school boards have shuffled the deck for 2021 we now know when and where they will meet to act on public business.

Here is the West Morris Regional Board of Education meeting schedule for 2021:

  • Feb. 1: WM Central High School

  • March 15: WM Mendham High School, Tentative 2021-22 Budget

  • April 26: WM Central High School, Public Hearing of 2021-22 Budget

  • May 10: WM Mendham High School, Authorization Meeting

  • June 7: Chester Borough Field House

  • June 21: WM Central High School

  • July 19: WM Mendham High School

  • August 16: M Central High School

  • Sept. 13: WM Mendham High School

  • Oct. 11: WM Central High School

  • Nov. 8: WM Mendham High School

  • Dec. 6: WM Central High School

  • Jan. 3: WM Mendham High School

  • Jan. 10: WM Central High School

All meetings will be held at 7 p.m. in the school's libraries. Notice of any additions or changes in times, dates and locations will be duly posted and announced in the newspaper in advance as required by law.

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This article originally appeared on the Mendham-Chester Patch