West must transfer to Ukraine all types of weapons, barring nukes, Czech president-elect says

The new president of the Czech Republic, Petr Pavel
The new president of the Czech Republic, Petr Pavel

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Pavel stated that there should be no restrictions on military aid to Ukraine and called on allies to show more courage.

“When it comes to conventional weapons, I really can see no reason for any limits,” Pavel said.

The newly-elected Czech leader added that Ukraine cannot fight such a strong enemy without armored vehicles, drones, artillery, and long-range missiles, and maybe even supersonic aircraft.

Pavel noted that the West needs more courage, because “some countries have a bit of a reserved stance” regarding the supply of modern weapons to Kyiv.

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“If we make a unified stand, it gives us the best chance of success; we should act in unity on these issues,” he concluded.

Pavel is a 61-year-old retired four-star general who served as Chairman of NATO Military Committee in 2015-2018, and actively supported Ukraine during his election campaign. He won 57.6% of the vote in the presidential elections, according to preliminary results released by the Czech state statistics office, the BBC reported.

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Pavel will assume office in March, replacing Milos Zemen, the previously pro-Russian Czech president.

In his first interview, Pavel said that as soon as the war ends, Ukraine should immediately be allowed to join NATO. The Czech president promised to make his first international visit to Ukraine.

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