West Thurston Fire Levy Leaning Toward Failure in Thursday Ballot Count

·1 min read

Aug. 5—While more Rochester- and Littlerock-area voters have voted in favor of the fire authority's levy proposal than have voted against it, the two ballot measures hadn't received the required 60% supermajority as of Thursday's ballot count.

The levy proposal itself is split into two ballot items, one for each district encompassed by West Thurston, but both proposals ask for the same rates: approximately $1.71 for 2023, $1.63 for 2024, $1.55 for 2025 and $1.48 for 2026.

As of Thursday evening, 54.85% of Rochester voters approved the levy, for a total of 1,441 yes votes, while 45.15%, or 1,186 voters, opposed.

In Littlerock, 53.49%, or 1,257 voters, were in favor of the levy and 46.51%, or 1,093 voters, opposed.

"The consequence of the levy ultimately failing is that we will end up closing 50% of our stations and laying off 50% of our staff. But we will make another attempt at it for the general election in November to get this passed, and it's going to require a community effort to do this," West Thurston Fire Chief Rob Smith said Wednesday morning.

The results of the August primary election will be finalized on Tuesday, Aug. 16.