West Virginia Football Schedule 2023: Analysis, Breakdown, 3 Things To Know

West Virginia football schedule 2023: Who do the Mountaineers miss on the Big 12 schedule and what are 3 things to know?

West Virginia Football Schedule 2023: 3 Things To Know

Sept 2 at Penn State

Sept 9 Duquesne

Sept 16 Pitt

Sept 23 at Texas Tech

Sept 30 TCU


Oct 12 at Houston

Oct 21 Oklahoma State

Oct 28 at UCF

Nov 4 BYU

Nov 11 at Oklahoma

Nov 18 Cincinnati

Nov 25 at Baylor

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West Virginia Football Schedule What To Know: Who do the Mountaineers miss from the Big 12 slate?

The3 Mountaineers don’t have to deal with all things Kansas. They miss both Kansas and Kansas State – it’s not bad to miss the defending Big 12 champion – and they also don’t have to deal with Texas. This year, that’s a huge plus.

Missing Iowa State … ehhhhh. It was one of the Big 12’s worst teams last year, but it should be improved. Even so, that wouldn’t be a bad team to have as opposed to, say, Oklahoma.

But …

West Virginia Football Schedule What Really Matters

There aren’t two road games in a row all year, so the Mountaineers should be able to settle in a bit before Big 12 play.

They alternate road and home games in Big 12 play, but with a week off before going to Houston, they only leave Morgantown once from September 9th until October 12th. That doesn’t mean the slate is easy, but the pain is spread out.

Getting TCU, Oklahoma State, and BYU at home helps, but that’s offset by playing five Big 12 road games. That, and …

West Virginia Football Schedule What To Know: What does it all really mean?

This might be the Big 12’s toughest schedule.

There’s the easy game against Duquesne, but starting the season off at Penn State and hosting Pitt in non-conference play is a big problem.

It’s not that the Mountaineers can’t be more than just competitive in the Big 12 road games, it’s that there’s an extra one and none of them will be breezes.

It’s going to be a fight to get to six wins – it would’ve been nice to have three guaranteed warm-up games before dealing with the Big 12.

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