Westfield High School Community Service Club Busier Than Ever Despite Pandemic's Barriers

A high school community service club in Union County has been busier than ever despite the pandemic's barriers; CBS2's Meg Baker reports.

Video Transcript

JESSICA MOORE: A high school community service club in Union County has been busier than ever despite the pandemic barrier.

MAURICE DUBOIS: CBS 2's Meg Baker reports on their long list of good deeds.

JANE SULLIVAN: We're all working and doing our best to help the people around us, and it's a good feeling.

MEG BAKER: Westfield High School's Community Service Club was not going to let the pandemic stop them. They got the rakes out for a good cause this fall raising more than $1,000 for Helping Hands, a local organization that distributes money to community members in need.

ANNA TICHENOR: But it was just different this year because of COVID. We had to stay socially distant.

MEG BAKER: Looking out for those in isolation.

- We essentially created 60 holiday cards and donated them all to every single senior citizen in Westfield Sunrise Assisted Living Center

MEG BAKER: And conducted a sock and glove drive this winter.

ALEXANDRA CICALA: Knowing that we were able to help someone during the winter giving them some warmth.

MEG BAKER: One of their favorite activities is the Reading Buddy Program.

- Help little kids learn how to read over Zoom. It's just something that's really, really rewarding.

MEG BAKER: In past years, they held a big dance marathon. The funds go to Children's Specialized Hospital.

KAYLA PAGNANI: They've raised over $21,000 for our hospital and for our kids, which is incredible.

MEG BAKER: Students are currently taking donations for the Westfield Food Pantry run by Deacon Keith Gibbons.

DEACON KEITH GIBBONS: And this is where it starts. It starts in volunteer efforts at home. It starts at a young age. Kids find comfort in serving others. And then it kind of feeds itself.

MEG BAKER: The club has more than 100 members. Many of the seniors say they plan to pursue philanthropic opportunities in college. In Westfield, New Jersey, Meg Baker, CBS 2 News.