Westminster Woman Dragged By Suspect Who Reportedly Stole Yard Sale Money Bag

Westminster police say a thief got away with a couple's bag of money from their yard sale on Saturday.

Video Transcript

MEKIALAYA WHITE: A Westminster woman is in the hospital tonight after she got dragged by a thief who stole a bag of money from her garage sale. Police say a couple in their mid-70s noticed that money was missing, and the woman went after the man in this truck. She grabbed the bag in the cab, and the suspect drove away, dragging her a short distance before she fell. This is a picture right here, you can see on your screen, of the suspect's truck.

Now, this happened today at 102nd and Avenue near Sheridan Boulevard. And the woman's husband and son went to be by her side, and some officers stayed behind and picked up the family's yard sale. Police are still looking for that suspect.