Westover High School to represent Dougherty County School System in state Academic Decathlon

Jan. 24—ALBANY — Westover High School came out on top in district Academic Decathlon competition.

Students from the school will represent the Dougherty County School System in the state Academic Decathlon competition in February.

District winners from Dougherty High School, Monroe High School and Westover for varsity category included:

—Art: Traveon Carnegie, DHS, and Makalia Laster, WHS

—Economics: Demetrius Kendrick, WHS

—Literature: Makaila Laster, Nnennia Ebubedike and Chloe Parker, WHS

—Music: Nnennia Ebubedike, WHS

—Science: Beah Wise, MHS

—Social science: Makaila Laster, WHS

Winners in the scholastic category were:

—Art: Niyuana Bush Heard and Grace Akinyosoye, WHS

—Economics: Grace Akinyosoye, WHS

—Literature: Brianna McCoy, DHS

—Music: Brianna McCoy, DHS, Ni'aisa Whitfield, MHS

—Science: Kyra Hutchins and Niyuana Bush Heard, WHS

—Social science: Jonathan Hefton, DHS

Honors winners were:

—Art: Anna Reese, WHS

—Economics: Mykala Eckler, MHS

—Literature: Adryan Bryant, DHS

—Math: Adryan Bryant, DHS

—Music: Adryan Bryant, DHS

—Science: Adryan Bryant, DHS

—Social Science: Adryan Bryant, DHS

The highest scorers for each competition category were:

—Varsity: Makaila Laster, WHS

—Scholastic: Brianna McCoy, DHS

—Honors: Adryan Bryant, DHS

The PAGE Georgia Academic Decathlon 2023 State Competition will be a hybrid competition. The essay and art events are scheduled to take place online on Feb. 8-9. The remainder of the written tests will be administered online on Feb. 23 at students' home schools. Super Quiz, speech and interview will be held at Kennesaw State University on Feb. 24-25.