The 'Westworld' costume designer shares hidden style details you might have missed in season 4

The 'Westworld' costume designer shares hidden style details you might have missed in season 4
  • Season four of "Westworld" is filled with callbacks to previous seasons.

  • Costume designer Debra Beebe spoke to Insider about the inspiration for the characters' wardrobes.

  • The "Westworld" season four finale is August 14.

In the first episode of season four, Christina's roommate, Maya, asks her to choose between black and white pumps, which is a callback to a pivotal moment in season one.

Christina's roomate, Maya, asking her to choose between black and white pumps.
Christina's roommate, Maya, asks her to choose between black and white pumps.HBO Max

Maya (played by Ariana DeBose) asks Christina (played by Evan Rachel Woods) to help her choose between white or black pumps. Fans of the show might recognize this moment because it's similar to when William had to pick between wearing a white or black hat when he boarded the train to Westworld in season one.

In season one, William chooses a white hat, and in the season four premiere, Christina tells Maya to go with the white pumps.

"It registers something in Christina in a way, like, 'I've been through this before.' It gives the story even more layers. The point is for the audience to remember the moment because it makes it more interesting," the show's costume designer, Debra Beebe, told Insider.

In the 1920s version of the Mariposa, "knockoff Clementine" wears a dress in a similar teal as Clementine's original outfit in season one.

Knock-off Clementine's look in season four in inspired by Clementine's original outfit in season one.
Clementine's original outfit in season one inspires a look in season four.HBO Max

In season one of "Westworld," Clementine (played by Angela Sarafyan) wears a traditional 1800s-style bustier dress in a dark-green color. For season four, Beebe used that look as inspiration for the flapper dress that "knockoff Clementine" wore to work at the Butterfly Club.

"We wanted the knockoff to look just as pretty and stand out in the same teal as Angela wears in previous seasons," Beebe told Insider. "It was fun to take their looks from earlier seasons and bring them into a different time period."

Beebe told Insider that Christina purposely wears shades of blue as an homage to Dolores Abernathy's original blue dress from prior seasons.

Christina wearing blue is inspired by Dolores's blue dress in season one.
Christina wearing blue is inspired by Dolores' blue dress.HBO Max

The costume designer told Insider that Christina is purposely wearing blue as a callback to previous Dolores costumes.

Just like Clementine, Dolores has a knockoff version in season four. The character wears a blue dress reminiscent of the one Dolores wore in previous seasons.

"The knockoff was very similar in the color, the trim, and the sweetness of her style," Beebe said. "I always thought that her look in the original old west was very sweet. She was the sweet girl next door. And that's what I was going for with her 1920s look."

Similar to how Dolores is seen in blue throughout the show, Maeve continues to wear burgundy.

Maeve wearing a flapper burgundy dress is inspired by her original look in season one.
Maeve's burgundy flapper dress is inspired by her original look in season one.HBO Max

Beebe told Insider that the writers of the show wanted to make sure there was enough distinction between Maeve and knockoff Maeve in the 1920s episode of season four.

The dress that Maeve (played by Thandiwe Newton) is wearing in the latest season is directly inspired by her look from season one. But the knockoff Maeve was wearing a fuchsia dress underneath a sheer black, beaded fabric, which made it look darker, Beebe said. The costume designer added that she used feathers in knockoff Maeve's hair as a callback to season one Maeve.

Beebe said Charlotte Hale's wardrobe doesn't abide by any rules like the others on the show.

Charlotte Hale wearing white in season four is inspired by her character's god-like position.
Her character's god-like position inspired Charlotte Hale's white outfits in season four.HBO Max

Beebe said that because Hale (played by Tessa Thompson) is running the world in season four, she gets to wear whatever she wants and doesn't abide by color schemes like Dolores or Maeve.

"This is her world, and everyone is playing her games, and she's controlling it," Beebe told Insider. "She can dress however she wants, wear whatever color she wants, be whoever she wants. Tessa embodies everything that I put on her."

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