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Wet Weather And Storms Back For The Weekend

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Watch Lauren Whitney's forecast

Video Transcript

- Those clouds had to bring some rain.

LAUREN WHITNEY: And they did in some areas. I just got a little bit of a sprinkle action outside my house and outside the CBS 4 studios. But we did have a couple quick little showers and bigger thunderstorms move through parts of Southern Denver-- not much. It didn't bring any hail or anything, just some really intense rain.

As we head off to the east though, we have had a couple boomers out there. We've had a couple severe thunderstorms with some larger hail and some nice scattered showers. It's not much, but we know how bad the drought is in Western Colorado. So this is excellent to see.

We actually have a severe thunderstorm watch for our far eastern plains through 10 o'clock tonight. Could still be active for the next couple of hours. Again, our satellite and radar, you can see there are some areas. Southeastern Colorado's been a bit active right now, some hail and heavy rain and a lot of lightning out there and some scattered showers in the high country. Nothing severe up there. Just some nice, general run-of-the-mill rain for us.

So what we're looking at here is our area of high pressure. We've been talking about this for a couple of days. Certainly warmed us up, but it's also helping with that wet weather. So that is sticking with us. But it will start to shift to the south a bit as an area of low pressure drops down into parts of Nevada as we head into the weekend.

So the combo of these two-- first one, that's going to bring us some scattered thunderstorms on Friday-- today-- Saturday, and Sunday, really starting to increase on Sunday. But then this area of low pressure off to our west, Monday and Tuesday, maybe not so much any threat of severe weather.

But we will see the chance of very steady rain, probably an almost all-day event, Monday and Tuesday. So if you plant this weekend, you'll get a good reinforcement with that rain on Monday and Tuesday. So FutureCast for tonight, we'll still see some thunderstorms out there for the next couple of hours.

Tomorrow morning, we wake up to a mixture of sunshine and cloud cover. And then we're going to see a few more thunderstorms even here in Denver in the late afternoon. Then they'll pop off to the eastern plains where, once again, they could potentially turn severe. So here's our severe weather outlook for tomorrow.

Southeastern Colorado, and I'd even say up into the northeast, has a decent chance for severe weather. Hail will be your biggest threat. But we can't rule them out even into the foothills and here in Denver. And then this is the outlook on Sunday.

So just be very weather aware this weekend. Park inside if you can. Hail will be a threat from these storms. Right now, it's 69 in Denver, 67 in Fort Collins, 60s to the 80s out east, high country, 70s to the 50s. And checking in with our Weather Watcher Melinda Leach, 64 in Northwest Boulder.

Almanac for today, we got to 72 out at DIA, only 68 here downtown. We did see those clouds roll in. And then tonight, you're looking at the mid to upper 40s for the Front Range and out east. 30s in the high country, and tomorrow about the same as today, a couple degrees cooler, 69 in Denver, 66 in Fort Collins.

Still a lot of 70s out east, 60s, 70s in the high country. And it's fairly warm in western Colorado, in the 70s and upper 80s. 60s will stick with us for the next several days, and there will be thunderstorms with us throughout the weekend.

Not everyone gets one. But if you do, it'll bring some heavy rain and hail. And then we're looking at Monday and Tuesday to be those soaking days with temperatures in the mid 60s.

- All right, Lauren. Thank you. We are following some breaking news--