'We've Been Waiting': North End Restaurants Eager To Bring Back Outdoor Dining

For restaurant owners, expanding outdoor dining is a game changer and a lifeline for not only their staff, but for patrons. WBZ-TV's Tiffany Chan reports.

Video Transcript


- Well, restaurants in the North End are open now for outdoor dining. A welcome change, particularly because they had to wait a little longer than other businesses to open their patios.

- Yeah, for obvious reasons we didn't see many takers today, but as WBZ's Tiffany Chan shows us, the restaurant's are ready.

TIFFANY CHAN: Dining tables and chairs replaced parking spots in Boston's North End.

DAMIEN DIPAOLA: From that white stripe.

TIFFANY CHAN: Crew set up umbrellas and traffic barriers outside of restaurants along Hanover Street as the neighborhood joins the rest of Boston in bringing back outdoor dining.

SERGIO MAFFEO: Oh, it's a great relief. It's something that we've actually been waiting for for a long time.

TIFFANY CHAN: Restaurant owners in the North End say expanding outdoor dining onto Hanover street is a game-changer, a lifeline, not only for their staff, but for patrons. Damian DiPaola owns Carmelina's.

DAMIEN DIPAOLA: Well, we'll go from 38 seats to 60, 62 seats. So all my service staff that made nothing during the pandemic, they're able to recoup. All my kitchen staff, now they have the hours that they needed to work.

TIFFANY CHAN: With more people getting vaccinated and restrictions slowly loosening up, restaurant owners are eager to serve more people.

DAMIEN DIPAOLA: It is. It's a big relief to be able to recuperate and to recover.

TIFFANY CHAN: From Boston's North End, I'm Tiffany Chan for WBZ News.