Weymouth Compressor Station Has Third Unplanned Release Of Natural Gas

Lawmakers are calling for the gas compressor station in Weymouth to be shut down.

Video Transcript

DAVID WADE: Tonight, two lawmakers want the Weymouth Compressor Station to be shut down immediately after a third unplanned release of natural gas. WBZ's Lisa Hughes is back now with this story. And Lisa, it's the third time this has happened since September.

LISA HUGHES: Yeah, David. Enbridge, the company that runs the station, says the venting was done safely and that the community wasn't impacted. But at this point, neighbors and residents have had it, and they are not happy. The $100 million compressor was built to pump natural gas through Weymouth into Maine and Canada. People in the area spent years protesting this project. They argued that it was unsafe, they argued that it threatened their health, and yet it went online in January. Among its critics now, Congressman Steve Lynch who represents Weymouth. And he says compressors like this one are not usually built in densely populated areas.

STEPHEN LYNCH: We don't think it needs to be in this place. We think the the siting process was flawed. And all of these communities have been asking to have this plant shut down. And I agree with that. That's the safest thing we could do, is to have this plant shut down.

LISA HUGHES: Now, Senator Elizabeth Warren is joining Lynch in criticizing the compressor, asking in a tweet, Paula, how many accidents need to occur before the federal government shuts the facility down?

- Lisa Hughes, live here in studio. Thank you.