WH: Biden call with Saudi King expected 'very soon'

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki says President Joe Biden's call with Saudi King Salman regarding the intelligence report on journalist Jamal Khashoggi's murder will happen "very soon," adding Biden is considering "a range of actions." (Feb. 25)

Video Transcript

- Any update on the president's phone call or scheduled phone call with King Salman of Saudi Arabia?

JEN PSAKI: I don't have an update. As I noted yesterday, as soon as that call happens-- we expect it to be very soon-- we will, of course, provide a readout to all of you.

- You said when they do talk that the president won't hold back. Will he be following up this talk with actions? Are sanctions on the table?

JEN PSAKI: I think there are a range of actions that are on the table. But the first step is-- the next step, I should say, is for the president to speak with the King. We expect that to happen very soon. As you know, we've committed to the release of an unclassified report that would come out from DNI and not from the White House.

And of course, our administration is focused on recalibrating the relationship, as we've talked about in here previously. And certainly, there are areas where we expressed concerns and leave open the option of accountability. There are also areas where we will continue to work with Saudi Arabia, given the threats they face in the region.