WH calls allegations of political violence in New Mexico ‘horrifying and shocking’

During the White House briefing on Wednesday, press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre addressed allegations against Solomon Peña, a former GOP candidate for New Mexico’s legislature who police say conspired with others to shoot at the homes of Democratic rivals. Jean-Pierre called the accusations “horrifying and shocking,” and spoke out against political violence, violent rhetoric and conspiracy theories.

Video Transcript

KARINE JEAN-PIERRE: So the allegations here are horrifying and shocking, and it's a miracle that no one was hurt. The president has spoken out repeatedly and emphatically about how our nation rejects violence as a political tool. That is a bedrock principle of our democracy.

It is important for leaders in both parties to reaffirm, that particularly as we've seen an increase in violent rhetoric and political violence like we've seen most recently, again, in New Mexico.

This administration has also emphasized the dangerous ways in which conspiracy theories and disinformation can lead some individuals to violence. Again, we urge leaders in both parties to reject lies and conspiracies. And, finally, let me add it's worth emphasizing that those intending to use violence as a political tool often choose firearms to intimidate and inflict carnage. And so that is why this administration has made strides to address firearms but also has urged more to be done against our-- it's horrifying and shocking. And we're just glad that no one was hurt in this event.