WH doctor refuses to answer questions about Trump’s last negative COVID-19 test

At a news conference on Monday, White House doctor Sean Conley refused to answer questions about when President Trump last had a test for COVID-19 that returned negative.

Video Transcript

- Can you tell us, please, on testing, can you tell us when he had his last negative test? Was it Thursday? Was it Wednesday? You remember when he had his last negative test?

SEAN CONLEY: I don't want to go backwards.

- How can we do contact tracing for people who were around him to--

SEAN CONLEY: I understand. The contact tracing, as I understand it, is being done. I'm not involved in that.

- When was his last negative test? And what was his viral load?

SEAN CONLEY: I know. Everyone wants that.

- We've been exposed here.

SEAN CONLEY: Yeah, I don't have his viral load. Those are some of the diagnostics that we're sending out. That will really tell us when it's safe for him to get back out and around people.

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