WH offers more help to Michigan, not more doses

The Biden administration will not send extra vaccine doses to MIchigan which is seeing a surge in COVID-19 cases, but it will offer "a set of tools," including more federal personnel, testing capacity and therapeutics. (April 9)

Video Transcript

JEFFREY ZIENTS: There are tens of millions of people across the country in each and every state and company who have not yet been vaccinated. And the fair and equitable way to distribute the vaccine is based on the adult population by state, tribe, and territory. That's how it's been done, and we will continue to do so.

We will be offering the states with significant increases in cases a set of additional tools to help them to stem the spread, including first, working with states to make sure they are using all of the doses they have received. Today, millions of doses have been distributed but have not yet been administered as shots in arms. Second, we're offering to surge federal personnel-- including CDC response teams, FEMA, DoD, and other federal personnel-- to support vaccination efforts and get more shots in arms.

Third, providing additional testing capacity, including increasing the availability of diagnostic testing, as well as screening in schools and other settings. And fourth, offering more therapeutics and treatments.