WH: The risk is ‘not going big enough’ on relief

Psaki said the meeting will be "an opportunity to exchange ideas, to have a conversation," but the Democratic president will not be making or accepting any particular offers.

Psaki told reporters at a briefing that Biden is open to making the legislation stronger but that he believes it should be closer to his $1.9 trillion proposal, saying "the size of the package needs to be commensurate with the crises we're facing."

Video Transcript

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JEN PSAKI: Well, I think our statement last night made clear that the president believes that the risk is not going to small, but going not big enough. And that his view is that the size of the package needs to be commensurate with the crises we're facing. That's why he proposed $1.9 trillion. There's obviously a big gap between $600 billion and $1.9 trillion. I don't think any of us are mathematicians, otherwise we wouldn't be here. But we can all state that clearly. And so clearly, he thinks the package size needs to be closer to what he proposed than smaller.


JEN PSAKI: Well, again, this is an exchange, an opportunity to exchange ideas, to have a conversation. That's why he invited them over here to the White House. He outlined the specifics of what he would like to see in the package in his speech, his primetime speech just a few weeks ago. And there are some realities as we look to what the American people are going through right now. One in seven American families don't have enough food to eat, right? We're not going to have enough funding to reopen schools. We don't have enough money to ensure that we can get the vaccine in the arms of Americans.

So there are some real impacts, which he will certainly reiterate as he has publicly and privately in many conversations. But they've put forward some ideas. He's happy to hear from them. But he also feels strongly about the need to make sure the size of the package meets this moment. And feels the American people expect that of their elected officials as well.