WH Task Force on winter weather and vaccinations

The White House says winter weather affecting parts of the country has slowed down vaccinations. This comes as the Biden administration admits if Johnson & Johnson vaccine gets approved, it will be slow rollout. (Feb. .17)

Video Transcript

JEFF ZIENTS: The weather is having an impact. It's having an impact on distribution and deliveries, from the delivery companies and the distribution companies. People are working as hard as they can given the importance of getting the vaccines to the states and to providers. But there is an impact on deliveries. And we want to make sure that as we've lost some time in some states for people to get needles in arms, that our partners do all they can to make up that lost ground, consistent with distributing the vaccine to people as efficiently and equitably as possible.

Johnson & Johnson is at the FDA for evaluation right now for safety and efficacy. So it's critical that we let the FDA folks make this determination, which we anticipate will happen across the next couple of weeks. Depending on where they come out, we could have a third vaccine, which would obviously be good and welcome news. But at the same time, we are ensuring that both the two EUA approved vaccines-- Moderna and Pfizer-- are distributed equitably and fairly.

Deal was done with Johnson & Johnson under the prior administration. And as across the last few weeks, we've learned that there is not a big inventory of Johnson & Johnson. There's a few million doses that we'll start with. The Johnson & Johnson contract commits Johnson & Johnson to deliver 100 million doses by the end of June. That is more back end loaded. We're working with the company to do everything we can, assuming they are approved by the FDA, to bring forward as many of those doses as possible into the earlier months.