WH updates on Biden after testing positive for COVID-19

Dr. Ashish Jha, the White House COVID response coordinator, said at a Thursday press briefing that President Biden "sounded great" and told him "I feel fine" after he tested positive for the virus. Jha also said he spoke with Biden’s doctor about the circumstances under which the president tested positive for COVID-19, and the treatment he is on.

Video Transcript

ASHISH JHA: As Karine mentioned, I spoke to the President earlier. I also spoke at length with Dr. O'Connor, who is the President's personal physician. And I'm happy to share the readout of these conversations with you, and then I'm happy to take questions.

In terms of my conversation with the President, he sounded great. I asked him, Mr. President, how are you feeling? He said, I'm feeling fine. He said he was feeling fine. He had been working all morning. He hadn't even been able to finish his breakfast, because he had just been busy. I encouraged him to finish his breakfast.

In terms of my conversation with Dr. O'Connor, we talked at length about what happened this morning. As Karine mentioned, the President got his regular testing that he does on his regular cadence. After he tested positive, he reported the symptoms that have been described. Dr. O'Connor examined him thoroughly. He found his exam to be normal-- to be at his baseline.

And then, obviously, he recommended that the President take Paxlovid. The President accepted that recommendation and has started Paxlovid and has taken his first course already.