Whatever you do, don’t buy these 5 smartphones

Zach Epstein
Whatever you do, don’t buy these 5 smartphones
Whatever you do, don’t buy these 5 smartphones

Here at BGR, we spend a huge amount of time telling you which smartphones you should consider as you work your way to your next major handset purchase. We take great care while testing devices, and we try to cover all of the major ins and outs for each phone we review. Important areas that we dig into include aesthetics and design, build quality, performance and software, all of which weigh heavily for consumers seeking out new handsets.

What we don’t often do, however, is spend time focusing on which smartphones you should avoid at all costs.

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CNET recently put together a nice quick list of five smartphones that you definitely should not buy. A smartphone is a big investment, costing hundreds of dollars up front or spread out over time, if a purchase is financed with a wireless carrier.

Also, apart from avid gadget enthusiasts and hardcore Apple fans, people tend to hold on to their phones for two years or even longer, so making a bad purchase decision can haunt you for quite some time.

ZTE’s Grand X smartphone topped CNET’s list thanks to its low-resolution, unresponsive display and its outdated software. The LG G3 Beat is included as well, because it sacrifices too much compared to the original G3 despite its high price tag.

The site also suggests that the “Y” in Huawei Ascend Y550 stands for “yuck,” because the phone misses the mark in nearly every key area.

For the rest of the list and more details on the three phones noted above, follow the link in our source section.

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