What's next for the Texans, Deshaun Watson?

Yahoo Sports' Matt Harmon and Andy Behrens discuss potential landing spots for the star QB

Video Transcript

ANDY BEHRENS: There's been a little Deshaun Watson news, and I want to just get into-- I just want to touch on this because it's such an interesting story. It is something that we could devote, like, multiple podcasts to. It is-- actually, the Texans situation is super complex. And they have botched-- it's not even over yet, but they've botched a coach and GM search in ways that I have never encountered before.

And obviously, it has drawn the ire of their best player and an MVP-level quarterback. So it is at least reasonable to guess at where Deshaun Watson might land next year, which is crazy. Why don't you just tell me what your ideal landing spots would be for Deshaun Watson?

MATT HARMON: Well, I mean, there's plenty of places that, from an ideal perspective, I mean, we're going to talk about Ben Roethlisberger early or later. Why not-- you know, they empty the clip to go for a guy like Deshaun Watson. You know, Washington, they're another team that just got booted out of the playoffs that could use a quarterback.

But I do think-- you know, this one's been kicked around on Twitter a little bit, but I think it makes sense. The Miami Dolphins would be an interesting spot. You know, they have the Texans original high first round draft pick. They have a lot of cap-- you know, they got a lot of cap room. They've got plenty of draft pick.

They've got a lot-- they've got a lot of currency there, let's just put it that way. They also have Tua, so they could send a young quarterback back to Houston. So I think that one makes sense. I don't know that it's the sexiest landing spot for a guy like Watson. But it does make sense.

But yeah, for me, the conversation is just-- if you're a Houston Texans fan and one offseason after they trade away DeAndre Hopkins, you know, they've left, and then you lose-- and then you go ahead and you lose a guy like Deshaun Watson. How do you even root for this team?

I mean, I think they're sneaky-- they don't get a ton of press because, you know, they're not the Jets or whatever. There's obviously a lot of dysfunction there this last year. But I think the Texans right now, from an ownership level all the way down, are the most dysfunctional franchise in the NFL.