What's next after woman's court date in 5-year-old's death?

The autopy detemined the 5-year-old boy died from 'homicidal violence' with blunt head trauma.

Video Transcript

MARLA CARTER: Theresa Balboa appeared before a judge Monday morning. Prosecutors asked the judge to increase her bond, saying she was a flight risk who was found in Jasper, Texas with plans to go to Louisiana. Legal expert, Steve Shellist.

STEVE SHELLIST: What we do know is that she was taking the child, holding a dead body, a child, and trying to transport it out of state.

MARLA CARTER: Court records say last week Balboa was found in a Jasper motel room, with a tote that contained a child's body. The body is believed to be five-year-old Samuel Olsen. An autopsy by the medical examiner will positively identify the child and provide information on how the child died.

STEVE SHELLIST: Now they're going to learn what was his cause of death? And then they're going to decide was it an accidental death, was it a homicide.

MARLA CARTER: Court records say the child had been dead since May 10th. It had been three weeks from the time the child died to the time the child's body was discovered. Despite that duration, Shellist says the medical examiner should be able to get good information.

STEVE SHELLIST: I'm always amazed at what these medical examiners can do. And remember, they're looking at things that I don't think would necessarily have been impacted by that type of decomposition over that. What is not really that long a period of time for them.

MARLA CARTER: Prosecutors say based on what the autopsy finds, there could be additional search warrants filed. Shellist says in addition to the autopsy, investigators are likely looking at other aspects of the case.

STEVE SHELLIST: I think the warrants are going to be very important and what additional information they get. Cell phone information stands out to me, video surveillance of her at different locations purchasing different things.

MARLA CARTER: Balboa's attorney did not comment on the case. She remains in jail this evening. Marla Carter, ABC 13, Eyewitness News.