Wheelchair-Assisted Dog Cannot Contain Excitement When Roaming Outside

A wheelchair-assisted dog could not contain his excitement after being given free rein in a sunny front yard in Hastings, Minnesota.

This footage, recorded by animal rescue group Emotion Rescue LLC on March 19, shows rescue dog Harry going from “zero to 60 in one and a half seconds”.

Emotional Rescue LLC posted this video to Facebook and said it was the first time Harry had been allowed to run outside in the large front yard.

“[Wheelchair assisted dogs] go outside twice a day, but it is usually in the fenced back yard,” the post read.

“This is their first day running in the front yard with out much snow.”

Emotional Rescue LLC told Storyful that Harry is one of six wheelchair-assisted dogs they look after. Credit: Shannon Tarr via Storyful

Video Transcript