Where to Follow the Cast of 'Selling the OC' on Instagram


Unlike its predecessors "Selling Sunset" and "Selling Tampa," the cast of "Selling the OC" includes both men and women. But if those two shows are any indication, then cast drama will spill over onto Instagram — which is why it's all the more important to follow them on social media.

“Selling the OC,” out Aug. 24, expands Netflix’s universe of real estate shows. The series follows 11 agents working on the Oppenheim Group’s Newport Beach offices, closing deals on luxury waterfront properties.

Newcomer Lauren Brito spoke with TODAY about the experience of going on reality TV after a career in real estate.

"We’ve never done anything like this before. I know that I haven’t. But going into it, we put ourselves and our lives on the table. We were very vulnerable. So I think if the viewers take anything from it just know that we are real people that work very hard for this," Brito said.

Below, find out where to follow the cast on Instagram.

Alexandra Rose

Where to follow her on Instagram: @alexandraroseoc

Alexandra Rose is close with Alexandra Jarvis, another one of the show's agents, as her Instagram page demonstrates.

She also posts pictures from her travels.

Alexandra Jarvis

Where to follow her on Instagram: @thealexandrajarvis

Hailing from Alabama, Alexandra Jarvis is a lawyer and real estate agent.

Jarvis is engaged to Sergio Ducoulombier, the CEO of Slip Cash, a fintech company. For their first anniversary, she wrote in a caption, "The 52 weeks since this gorgeous man entered my life have been a true “more than” experience...More than what I had envisioned. More than what I had desired. Just continually “more than” and the love I have for this one is more than I could express in words."

And she appears to be friends with Chelsea Lazkani of "Selling Sunset."

Alexandra 'Alex' Hall

Where to follow Alex Hall on Instagram: @alexhall_o.c.

Yes, there are three Alexandras on "Selling the OC." Alex Hall is a single mother of two.

Hall also frequently posts pictures with fellow "OC" cast members.

Lauren Brito

Instagram handle: @thelaurenshortt

Lauren Brito uses her Instagram to promote her listings. She's engaged to Andrew Shortt, another real estate agent, per her Instagram.

She also posts pictures with other "Selling the OC" agents on her Instagram, like Polly Brindle.

Brandi Marshall

Where to follow her on Instagram: @shesbrandimarhsall

Brandi Marshall is married to basketball player Sean Marshall and they have two children together.

Polly Brindle

Where to follow her on Instagram: @pollybrindle

Originally from the U.K., Polly Brindle has lived in the U.S. for over a decade, per her Instagram. Her modeling career began when she was 15 years old.

She has a dog not seen in the show.

Kayla Cardona

Where to follow her on Instagram: @mskaylacardona

It appears that Cardona is in touch with other people in the Netflix reality TV universe. Sharelle Rosado of "Selling Tampa" and Davina Potratz of "Selling Sunset" both commented on this photo.

Gio Helou

Where to follow him on Instagram: @giovannehelou

Giovanne "Gio" Helou is a real estate agent, as is his mom, Lisa Helou. They have a family group within the Oppenheim Group.

He married his wife, Tiffany Helou, in 2020.

Tyler Stanaland

Where to follow him on Instagram: @tylerstanaland

Tyler Stanaland is a real estate agent and the son of John Stalanad, who owns a real estate brokerage in Orange County. Tyler Stanaland married actor Britttany Snow in 2020.

They have a dog named Billie Jean, who has her own Instagram.

He's also a former professional surfer and has opened up about his experience with ulcerative colitis.

Sean Palmieri

Where to follow him on Instagram: @sean.palmieri

For behind-the-scenes pictures, check out Palmieri's account. Palmieri posted a photo of himself hanging out with "the three amigos" of "Selling the OC," Tyler Stanaland and Austin Victoria, per Stanaland's comment.

And with Polly Brindle.

Austin Victoria

Where to follow him on Instagram: @austin_victoria

Austin Victoria and his wife Lisa Victoria have twin daughters.

Lila and Hazel, their daughters, have their own Instagram account.