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Where are we drafting Aaron Rodgers in 2021?

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With rumors swirling, Matt Harmon, Scott Pianowski and Andy Behrens weigh the chances Aaron Rodgers leaves the Packers in the offseason. Where are we drafting Rodgers in fantasy next year?

Video Transcript

ANDY BEHRENS: Part of me just thinks, OK, Rodgers had some really glum, grim comments in the post-game, but of course he did. It's like-- I don't know-- 30 minutes, 45 minutes after the game. It's a gutting loss.

They surely expected to advance to the Super Bowl. They didn't do it. So, I mean, obviously, it's really clicky to say that you're uncertain about your future. We're pretty much dead-on certain that Aaron Rodgers is not leaving Green Bay this offseason, right?

MATT HARMON: One, I appreciate Rodgers just taking some gasoline and throwing it right on the offseason content fire.


MATT HARMON: Because basically now it doesn't matter whether Matt LaFleur says, look, we're not trading Aaron Rodgers. We want him here. He's our leader. Very emotional, and you could feel that he felt that as he was saying it in the press conference.

But now basically every insider is like, well, let's connect the dots here to this, that. And, again, that's like-- Aaron Rodgers, shoutout to you. He's been making the media rounds later in his career. He's doing Instagram Lives with Barstool. He's on Pat McAfee's show every week and stuff. I think he knows what he's doing.

But I also think there's a non-zero percent chance it happens. You said it, they sort of made rebuilding type of draft picks last year. I don't think they're rebuilding. I think they want to reload. I think the temptation is immediately to say like, oh yeah, he could be traded. I doubt it.

Like I say, a non-zero percent chance, but it might be like a 5% chance. It would have to be something crazy. I would be stunned if it happened. I don't think it's gonna happen. But in this era of the NFL, you would have also been laughed at if, in week 17, people were like, Deshaun Watson is gonna get out of Houston. He's gonna want to try to get-- and now it's like an assumption in media circles that he's played his last snap with the Texans.

So I think we're just at a point in the NFL where we can't really rule anything out. If a player wants to get out, he'll get out. But I also think that this situation feels much more like exactly what you said, exactly what Mike said in the article. He's probably just wanting to push his team a little more to be like, hey--

Look, he cares about his legacy, right? He doesn't want to have that 1 and 4 in conference championship game stink on him. He doesn't want to be on CBS tweets next to Donovan frickin' McNabb. That's not what Aaron Rodgers thinks his career ought to look like. So I think he's probably pushing his team here to reload. But, again, none-zero percent chance.

ANDY BEHRENS: I think we've all talked at various points about how we really want to come out of fantasy drafts in 2021 with one of those dual-threat quarterbacks. What are we doing with Aaron Rodgers? Assuming he's still in Green Bay, assuming they just sort of run it back-- I mean, they're coming off back-to-back appearances in the conference championship game.

Assuming he still has Adams. He's got Tonyan. He's got talent at running back. Maybe they upgrade the other receiver spot. Is he an automatic top-five fantasy quarterback or are you gonna be more reluctant?

SCOTT PIANOWSKI: He's a reactive pick for me, not a proactive pick for me. He did have three rushing touchdowns this year, so at least he's not a zero in the rushing column. But he's not the proactive runner he used to be. I would take him if a room just gave him to me at some price that seemed kind of silly, but I'm not gonna draft him proactively.

ANDY BEHRENS: At this stage, to depend on a quarterback throwing 40 touchdown passes is probably a bit much in terms of fantasy value when I know that there's six guys out there who are probably gonna run for five, six, eight, nine touchdowns. Because that's just what the kids do.