Where are we drafting Travis Kelce in 2021?

On the latest Yahoo Fantasy Football Forecast, Scott Pianowski and Andy Behrens ask where they are targeting Travis Kelce after his record-breaking season? Their answers might surprise you.

Video Transcript

SCOTT PIANOWSKI: Travis Kelce's going to be a first-round pick next year. He's going to be, I think, a top-six pick, but he's also in an age-32 season. He's been remarkably durable. He had that major injury at the beginning of his career, but what has he played, like seven straight full seasons or something like that? Are you going to be somebody-- top-five, top-six pick for Kelce? Does that sound like something you'd be interested in?

ANDY BEHRENS: Yeah, so this is the thing. I was referencing that "Athletic" mock draft earlier, and Kelce goes, like, back half of round one, and I just don't know that that's where he's really going to go. Yes, it was a miserable season at tight end, but Darren Waller had a year. Like, Darren Waller had a great year-- thousand yards, plenty of touchdowns, great year. Travis Kelce entered week 16 like 50 points ahead of him for the-- it wasn't even close. I mean, Travis Kelce is crushing Darren Waller's season for fantasy purposes.

And again, the gap between Kelce and, like, tight end three, tight end six is just stupid. It's not even worth talking about.

Travis Kelce it would be the RB4 right now based on what he's scored year to date. He would be the wide receiver three and the RB4. Like, he's-- this scoring is almost without precedent. It's been absolutely ridiculous, and there's-- like, nobody's going to think the Chiefs' offense is going to fall off in 2021, right? Like as long as they've got healthy Mahomes, Travis Kelce's going to be 90 or 100 yards and a touchdown. That's what he's been bankable for that all season.

I doubt he's going to-- I mean, maybe you slip from a historic season, which is what he's having. He's going to be the first tight end with over 1,400 receiving yards. So, OK, maybe you fall off of that, but to what, 1,200 yards and seven touchdowns, nine touchdowns, whatever? He's just so bankable at the position that I think-- I think he's-- I think I'd take him ahead of any wide receiver. Like, I'm not going to take him at the very top. I don't think there's a case for that. But if, I don't know, five running backs go at the top of the draft and I'm sitting there at six and I feel like the wide receiver that I can get in round two can compete with Davante Adams or Tyreek Hill, I think I probably go Travis Kelce there because I just know that, you know, worst case, I'm getting 1,200 yards and, like, eight touchdowns.

SCOTT PIANOWSKI: I'm just throwing this out there. You're not worried about the fact that it's his age-32 season?

ANDY BEHRENS: He just doesn't miss games. He just hasn't missed games, and he looks like the most athletic or like one of the three most athletic tight ends in the league right now. Like, you know, I mean, this is one of the great seasons in the history of the position. It doesn't seem like a pure product of the system. Like I think he's really gifted as a receiver, and if I felt like I saw any actual decline, any physical decline, maybe I'd react to it.

And again, you'd always rather be, you know-- you don't want to be a year late on the decline, but I just don't see any obvious sign of it. And, you know, just the fact of the odometer clicking to another number doesn't freak me out.