Where glamping company will open a 2nd location in Hall

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Mar. 14—Timberline Glamping Company, after receiving approval to lease seven campsites at River Forks Park, is planning to launch another glamping location on 125 acres near Lula.

Glamping is a form of camping that offers luxury amenities to those who wish to avoid traditional outdoor camping in the elements.

Franchisees Corbin McDaniel and his business partner Kieron Clemons will pay to lease the land from North Georgia Canopy Tours — a local attraction known for its disc golf, according to its owner Kirk Watkins. Watkins and his wife Leah own the property at 5290 Harris Road in Lula.

"We've entered into a deal this year with Timberline Glamping Company and a franchisee of Timberline Glamping Company," Kirk Watkins said. "The glamping is going to be utilizing all of the parking and have access to all of the acreage. The franchisee will be checking in the people that both come to glamp and play disc golf...we still will operate the disc golf course and maintain it, but they will be collecting the revenues from that and turning it over to us."

The current agreement with Timberline allows for 6-10 glamping sites on the property, Watkins said, though that number could grow as the location gains popularity.

"I don't know exactly how many they're going to start with," he said. "I think it's six, but they may have upped that some."

McDaniel, who said a specific number of available sites hasn't been determined, outlined ambitious plans for the future glamping grounds. Classes on horticulture for school-age children, seminars on rendering "nature art," teaching survival skills and engaging in the sport of disc golf are just some of the activities he said would be offered to visitors at affordable prices.

He expressed a desire to utilize his degree in Spanish education to wage an outreach effort for greater community involvement, specifically to offer Hall's Latino demographic nature-oriented education and more outdoor extracurricular activity.

"In the education world, that's what I want to bring in for the Hispanic community we have," McDaniel said. "...we're going to have everybody involved. There's nobody I don't want involved — if it makes sense and it works out. If we can get the stuff that we think we can — to add to the community landscape — it's going to be really cool."

The rates at the Lula location will likely be "lower" than the ones seen at Timberline's other glamping destinations, according to McDaniel, to allow for greater inclusivity to the community as a whole.

At other sites, Timberline charges visitors between $109-$130 a night and up to $170-$200 a night during the more active seasons. Amenities offered at Timberline's other sites include beds, heat and air conditioning, hammocks, string lights, fire pits, charcoal grills and electricity.

"It'll be another education hub...that's where my passion is rooted — in teaching people stuff," McDaniel said. "If we can also provide that, and get people to stay in these cool tents while doing it, instead of staying in a hotel, I think it's unreal what we could do."

With the availability of restrooms and heating and air conditioning, McDaniel described glamping as a way to lure all types of people into the world of camping.

"We're going to have full heating and air," he said. "It's going to be very accommodating. It's a way to get people into camping...our three things are treat people well, don't be greedy and lead with kindness."

McDaniel said the new location is set to open in late April or early May.