Where home prices spiked the most in the Denver area

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Data: Zillow; Map: Sara Wise/Axios

Denver likes to complain about rising home prices, but the spike in the surrounding metro area is even worse.

What's happening: In the last five years, average home prices increased in some metro area ZIP codes by more than 60%, according to a new Axios analysis of Zillow data.

  • The largest spikes occurred in Denver's closest suburbs, the mountain foothills and parts of the Eastern Plains.

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What they're saying: "You know what they say, you drive until you can afford it," Kentwood Real Estate broker Jill Schafer told Axios.

By the numbers: 30% of Denver-area ZIP codes saw housing prices increase by 50% or more, the analysis found.

These are the five areas with the largest average home price increases from April 2016 to April 2021:

  • 80105: Deer Trail in Arapahoe County. Up 61.9% from $227,394 to $368,228

  • 80455: Jamestown in Boulder County. Up 61.9% from $321,438 to $520,421

  • 80425: Pine in Jefferson County. Up 61.6% from $350,993 to $567,335

  • 80030: Westminster in Adams County. Up 60.4% from $259,948 to $417,055

  • 80216: Denver. Up 60.1% from $228,607 to $365,954

Between the lines: Denver's prices started at an elevated level, like those in Boulder and Douglas County, so the increases were significant but not as steep as outlying areas.

The other side: Only one ZIP code experienced an increase less than 30% — 80202 in downtown Denver at 16%.

Go deeper: Find your ZIP code data on this interactive map.

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